Bomber Man
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Game Information:

The gameplay is that the player controls the pow to move up and down and left and right through the arrow keys and press the space bar to place the explosive. The power of the explosive is a fixed distance and will spread up and down, but the obstacles of the scene are randomly placed and changeable, so player should move and avoid the explosion according to the terrain of the obstacle and the distance of the explosive. Explode the road to the exit in the scene and go to the next scene. Finally, rescue the princess.

The first scene is to place obstacles with simple terrain and there are many places can avoid the explosion . This is to let the player master the operation and gameplay of the game.

The second scene is the dark scene. The player can only see the character and can't see the scene. Obstacle, it is hidden in the dark, the player has to control the character to move to detect the position of the obstacle.

The third scene is the trap scene, there are several traps in the scene that are ground holes, close to the ground color, the player goes to the trap Will die and come back from the starting point

The fourth scene is in the castle of the demon king. The player has to blow a small path in many boxes and is not seen by the demon king. Finally, the devil is killed and the princess is rescued.

The user interface is centered on the middle of the scene and looks down from the third person perspective, the character is at the beginning of the lower right corner, and the exit is in the upper left corner.